Bringing the Farm to school

Since the start of the school year, Amy has included her classroom on our journey at Shiloh Farm. Her students have been watching our crops grow and learning about where their food comes from through pictures, conversations, and growing their own plants. This fall some very special visitors made learning about a whole farm system working together even more exciting. Farmer Ross came in to do a special lesson about the farm and brought our brand new chicks with him. 


We got to visit each of the first grade classrooms to share about our passion for growing food and taking care of the earth around us. We talked about the role our chickens play on the farm and how we take care of them. 


The chicks were a hit! 


We ended each lesson with reminding students of the importance of knowing where your food comes. We want each student, no matter how little, to know that food comes from the earth around them and we need to take good care of it. We were excited to share about the different vegetables we grow and invite the students out to the various farmers' markets to support their local growers. 

We are excited to see the next generation already starting conversations about where their food comes from!