Our Journey

We are on a journey, and we welcome you to join in!

Over the past years, our minds and hearts have been aligning with action, to step out more fully in the direction of farming. It has been a journey where clarity has come, new questions have been asked, and we continue with steadfastness. We believe that unparalleled value is found with engaging the world around, and for us, that is being a part of the earth in the most literal way. Each day with our hands in the dirt, we are brought back to this place where we are rooted. Places where the cycles of life and death, endings and new beginnings, offer invitations and nourishment for our body and soul. Our garden is our teacher, we need only to be attentive and listen.


Here is a piece of our story:

I remember the first time I met Ross, he had his standard uniform of a flannel, which often matched my very own. In our early years of dating and friendship, we shared many adventures together, starting a small garden in my parent’s backyard that very first spring. We excitedly dug up a new space of 10 feet by 10 feet, waiting for our first crops to bloom and feed us for the summer. That first garden taught us many things not to do, but more importantly it taught us about our passions. These very things that had been on our mind for years past, were finally brought to life. The power of vision and dreams coming to life is a driving force. Though our yields may have mostly fed a small family of deer, we learned. This journey continued and we garden hopped, using unused spaces to try to grow and learn. While we were renting a little apartment, we knew that we couldn’t push aside learning, even if it meant driving and commuting to where we were growing.

Our story has been a continuum of learning and growing where space has been provided, and that has taken us to Glenmoore, Pa. In the late fall after a growing season, we knew we wanted to expand and be closer to where we were growing things, so we approached a couple from our church. With an initial request to over-winter our garlic on their property, that request grew, and their gracious hospitality opened up an avenue for us to have a small plot to truly transform from lawn to garden. We have now be growing here for two years. While this journey has not been easy, we have seen the stories and learning come to life in our hands and in the soil we are working.

I will be sharing the journey here, both past and present, as we engage the farm life. We hope to not just share our farming techniques and things we are trying, but our story of provision, faithfulness, and stewardship. Farming is a place of healing. We end each day with dirt on our hands and gratitude in our hearts.

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.
— Margaret Atwood