New Season Beginnings.....

The 2019 season has been underway here for about a month. The beginning weeks of the season are always quieter celebrations—full of seeded trays and seedlings making their first appearances. Our big victories come in the form of tiny growth and the anticipation of what is to come. Our defeats are found in the drastic changes in temperature and trying to harden plants off to transplant in the ground. The cycle of the garden, life and death, is an every day encounter. Some days it’s more life—like the garlic making an appearance and newly planted lettuce taking off. Other days, more like death….like the flat of kale newly transplanted…well that was death.

But as we head into a new season, we’re learning to build resiliency and just keep planting.

For the last two seasons, our growing set up has involved a lot of transportation, hand watering, and grow lights taking over our living room and kitchen space. As we reflected on the past season, we knew a big step in getting more plants growing would be re-thinking our space. So this season we have taken on the big task of building a greenhouse. This has involved countless hours of brainstorm, trying to get holes deep enough in the frozen ground and lots of measuring.

We are excited to have the frame up and the structure continues to come along. We’re looking forward to completing the project over the course of the next 2 weeks and have it up and running to move our transplants into. We didn’t realize that when we were becoming farmers we also were becoming; carpenters, engineers and more…….but we’re pretending. Thankfully we have so many great friends and Youtube to help us out!

Here’s a sneak peak to our next project……..what do you think we’re converting this old horse trailer into? Stay tuned…