Meet the farmers

Ross and amy Peterson

Amy and Ross have lived in Chester County almost their entire lives. They are passionate about eating locally grown food, and for the past three years they have been feeding friends and family high-quality, nutrient dense fruits and vegetables. During the 2019 season you will find Ross and Amy selling Tuesdays at the Rittenhouse Square Market and Saturdays at the Downingtown Farmers' Market.



 Looking back

In 2016 they started working a small piece of land in Glenmoore  and continued working in 2017, where they had their first full growing season and were able to sell at their first Farmers' Market. During 2018, Ross and Amy were able to expand the growing space at the farm, growing food for their local community through two markets, Philly and Downingtown. As 2019 approaches quickly, there are some new farm projects ahead and lots of growing plants to get the season started in early May!


Ross was born and raised in Phoenixville and eventually ended up in West Chester after receiving a degree in Philosophy from Grove City College. Through home gardening and exposure to permaculture for the past 6 years, he found his true passion: good soil, healthy plants, and real food. Amy grew up in the Downingtown, PA and graduated from West Chester University with a degree in teaching. She is currently working as an elementary teacher in the West Chester Area School District and spends every other minute working outside at the farm. 

Since finding one another and getting hitched, they have realized that farming is the kind of work and lifestyle that most aligns with the values their family holds closest. They have a desire to connect their passion for agriculture and education to impact the local community in a positive way.